Process and Benefits

What is Extrusion and what are its Advantages ?

The extrusion process forces soybean though a barrel and a die which directly result in high temperature through friction and partly through steam injection. Here a high temperature is achieved in a very short duration - the famous HTST technique lends its benefits of cooking with least degradation of ingredients.

There are many benefits of Full Fat Soya :

Protease Inhibitors : there are five Trypsin inhibitors, however, the principal protease inhibitors present in raw soybeans are the Kunitz factor and the Bowman-Birk factor. These two main anti nutritional factors are thermo labile and their levels in raw soybeans may be reduced to insignificant levels by adequate heat processing. Full Fat Soya processed by the extrusion technique has safely low anti nutritional factors.

Ideal Ingredient : Full Fat Soy provides an excellent source of both dietary energy and high quality protein. It is a useful raw material to achieve the high nutrient diet of most animal feeds particularly in those operations lacking the sophistication to handle blended fats efficiently.

Linoleic Acid : soybean oil contains over 50% Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid.

Precooked : the extrusion process gives a 'precooked' feel and as a raw material it is more digestible and more bio available.

The improved performance with rations containing Full Fat Soya is primarily because of improved quality of ration and nutrient density and increased fat digestibility.

Benefits – Broiler :

Extruded Full Fat Soya helps in alleviating heat stress in poultry in summer. It helps the nutritionist formulate an enriched feed which is nutrient dense which is advantageous in summer months. Inclusion of 8 % to 15 % is recommended in broiler diets.

Benefits – Laying Stage :

Extruded Full Fat Soya helps improve egg size. Pullet size eggs can be reduced by appropriate inclusion of 3 % to 5% in Pre-Lay periods. The Linoleic acid in soybean is a factor for achieving such benefits.

Benefits – Dairy:

Extruded Full Fat Soya helps increase milk yield and SNF. It indirectly assists to maintain health status of high yielding animals as immunity of an animal is better with better quality ingredients. A nutritionist can help reduce the deficiency of nutrients successfully by the supplementation of FFS. It can be included in dairy concentrate or also be used as a top up feed at an inclusion level of 500 gms to 1 kg per day per head.

Testimonials :

Independent research reports from American Soybean Association (ASA) and field trials in poultry and dairy have all proved that extruded Full Fat Soya is the best soya-based feed ingredient.