Cattle Feeds

Our cattle feed have been well known in the dairy farming community for more than three decades. The feeds are formulated by expert nutritionists from high quality materials like cereal grains and oil cakes. They are supplemented with liberal quantities of vitamins and minerals.

Komarla Group realizes that the success of dairy farming depends to a great extent on the quality and price of the compound feed. A highly priced feed need not necessarily be the most efficient feed for your animal, nor is the cheapest feed inefficient in performance. With shanku brand cattle feed, you will get the maximum milk yield with a higher fat content for every rupee you spend on feed. That means you are assured of maximum profits.

To meet the nutritional requirements of your cattle Komarla offers you different kinds of cattle feed, in mash and pellet form as given below :
In cattle feed mash we produce
  • By Pass Protein
  • Booster Milk Ration
  • Special Milk Ration
  • Dairy Special
  • Cattle Feed
  • Kissan Cattle Feed
In cattle feed pellets we produce
  • By Pass Protein Pellets
  • Milk Ration Pellets
  • Kissan Cattle Feeds Pellets
By Pass Protein

Is a premium cattle feed formulated to supply high energy, high protein and much higher percent of UDP in rumen, this feed is recommended to cows yielding more than 15 – 20 liters of milk per day.

Booster milk Ration:

Is a top quality feed having the best protein source, vitamins and minerals, to naturally increase milk yield and extract the maximum genetic potential of the animal. This feed is recommended for cows / buffaloes producing 8-10 liters of high fat content milk per day.

Shanku Special Milk Ration:

This feed is suitable for low yielding cattle and buffaloes with average milk yield of 3 to 5 liters per day. Special milk ration feed can also be given to high yielder when plenty of green fodder is available and may be given to calves and breeding bulls.

Kissan Cattle Feed:

Is an economy feed for poor milk yielders, working animals and other low grade cattle which lack genetic capability. This feed is compounded to suit cows and buffaloes which are yielding less than 3 liters of milk a day. It is best suited for dry cows and buffaloes and all the working animals used for draught purpose.

Cattle Feed Pellets:

All types of Shanku brand cattle feeds are available in pellet form. For the convenience of the Dairy farmers, the pellets are available 6mm, 8mm and 12mm sizes. The mash undergoes steam treatment at high temperatures and pelleted and dried as per the size requirements. The advantage of pelletized feed is, lesser feed wastage and ease of handling. High pressure steam cooking increases the total digestible nutrients available in the pelletized feed thereby resulting in better feed utilization which in turn helps for better performance of animal.