Full Fat Soya

When soy beans are heat treated without the removal of oil the product is called Full Fat Soy Bean Meal. This soy product is more digestible and is more superior product when compared to other forms of soy.

Full Fat Soya can be produced by a variety of processes :

Cooking :

Cooking is the easiest way to manufacture Full Fat Soya where the beans are soaked and then boiled for about 45 minutes. Subsequently, they are spread out to dry and later ground to a fine powder. This is a rudimentary method of processing.


Intense dry heating of soya beans up to a temperature of 168 degree centigrade can create roasted soya beans. The process requires a carrier material which in turn also reduces the quality of the finished product. This is primarily batch processing and control methods in this process are minimal. Over roasting or under roasting the material would nullify the nutritional benefits that Full Fat Soya can deliver.


Extrusion process on the other hand is the most sophisticated method of producing Full Fat Soya. The process is a standardized process which The process has several checks and the control equipment assist in delivering uniform product.

Accordingly, the best method of producing Full Fat Soya is by using the extrusion process.