Poultry Feeds

As poultry feed accounts for a major recurring expenditure in any poultry operation, utmost care should be exercised in selecting the right feed ingredients. Our Shanku brand feeds are formulated and produced under the supervision of experts including poultry nutritionists (with Phd). The feeds are manufactured from the best raw materials, to provide the perfect balance of nutrients required by poultry. At Komarla Group, all raw materials and finished feeds are regularly tested and analyzed in well-equipped, modern laboratory to ensure that each bag contains the same high quality feed.

Shanku Brand Feeds are complete feeds. So don't mix Shanku Feeds with other brands of feed or feed ingredients which may upset the balance of nutrients. Shanku feeds are the most profitable for your business. There is a Shanku Feed for every class of poultry. At Komarla Group the quality goes in, before the name goes on to the feed bag.

Commercial poultry feeds (mash & pellets)

For Layers :
  • Chick Mash - 0 To 8 Weeks of Age
  • Grower Mash – 9 To 18 Weeks of Age
  • Pre Layer Mash – 18 To 20 Weeks of Age
  • Layer Mash - 20 Weeks and Above
For Broilers :
  • Broiler Starter Crumble
  • Broiler Grower Crumble
  • Broiler Finisher Pellets
Poultry Concentrates – With Different Inclusion Levels Based On Market Needs
  • Broiler Concentrate
  • Chick Concentrate
  • Layer Concentrate
Broiler Breeders Rations
  • Broiler Breeder Chick Crumble
  • Broiler Breeder Grower Pellets
  • Broiler Breeder Layer Pellets – PhaseI, II And III
  • Broiler Breeder Male Ration